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Resources for Financial Intermediaries

At Aliso Solutions, our purpose is to help financial intermediaries secure sustainable growth. We provide in-depth education, hands-on project-based consulting, and ongoing consulting services to financial intermediaries that wish to prudently integrate direct investments to their investment portfolios. Our goal is for people to invest in a manner that is very similar to large university endowments, yet appropriate for their own situation.


The Information You Need

No sensible financial intermediary would recommend an investment they did not fully understand. However, the world of non-traded, direct investments is dramatically different than the world of traditional stocks and bonds. That’s why we are so passionate about alternative investment education. Our goal is to show intermediaries how to intelligently and diligently work with direct investment opportunities and navigate an investment strategy that is right for their investors.

More Than Advice

One of the biggest challenges with investing in alternatives is the shear complexity involved. From the multitude of state, federal, and SRO regulations, to the intricate nuances of the investment programs themselves, the properly handing of alternatives can be a daunting undertaking. Going from “information” to “implementation” takes more than professional advice. It often requires “boots on the ground”, with industry experts working side-by-side with a financial intermediary’s operational and compliance staff to help ensure the proper approach to handling these complex investments is done both prudently and legally. At Aliso Solutions, our consulting programs offer real, tangible deliverables ranging from key forms to updated policies and procedures.


Outsourced Due Diligence and Compliance Services


Under the right circumstances, and ongoing partnership between your firm and Aliso Solutions may make sense. First, we offer outsourced due diligence sub-advisory services, where we support your investment committee or analyst with fully vetted direct investment opportunities. We also provide an ongoing outsourced Chief Compliance Officer service that handles nearly all of the day-to-day compliance responsibilities. At Aliso Solutions, we help simplify your office, so you can focus on your clients.

Our Focus


Over the last two decades, there has been an increasing interest in alternative investing because of the potential for outsized returns and the low correlation with traditional investments. Not surprisingly, investment sponsors have run to the marketplace to offer new offerings.

So, with an ever-growing list of opportunities, it’s important to recognize that no firm has enough resources to effectively maintain dominion over the entire universe of alternative investments; it is simply too big and too complex. At Aliso Solutions, we maintain our focus by narrowing the universe of potential alternative investments to certain types that we believe have the best potential risk / return profile within their respective asset class.

In general, we believe that “direct investments”, that is an alternative investment that is offered directly by a sponsor rather than through a secondary market, such as an exchange, offer certain characteristics that are superior to liquid or readily-traded alternative investments.

While not meant to be a complete list, our areas of focus tend to be:

  • Non-traded fixed income

  • Non-traded real estate

  • Private equity

  • Oil and Gas programs


We have been actively engaged in the due diligence and incorporation of non-liquid alternatives for years. Our deep experience with alternatives has enabled us become a recognized leader in non-liquid investments.

An Endowment-Style Portfolio

After working with Aliso Solutions, a financial intermediary’s typical investment portfolio may include the following asset classes:

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