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Investment Sponsor Capital Markets Consulting

For investment sponsors, raising capital through hybrid and fee-only RIAs can be a daunting task; as anyone involved in capital markets will tell you – working with independent broker-dealers is NOT the same as working with RIAs.

Aliso Solutions can help streamline the process of distributing through fee-only intermediaries by creating a distribution road map that includes key components, such as:

  • Client Profile Analysis

  • Sponsor Messaging

  • RIA Due Diligence

  • RIA Marketing

  • National Accounts and Wholesaling Training

  • Transactional Support

  • Assistance with Data Issues

  • Assistance with Back Office Issues


It should be noted, we are not an outsourced national accounts or wholesaling team; we do not earn fees based on dollars invested. While we’re happy to introduce you to professional capital market teams who in the business of securing selling agreements, we believe our skills are better aligned with focusing on helping your approach, messaging, and due diligence.  ​

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