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Adviser Sales Training

Just because you’ve added direct, non-liquid investments to your platform, it doesn’t mean your sales team is knowledgeable enough to appropriately introduce these unique opportunities to your clients. And, in this new regulatory environment, that many lead to arbitration and/or regulatory fines. While no one can no guarantee against an angry client or an overzealous examiner, we can help mitigate a significant amount of the risk associated with introducing alternative investments by training your sales team on the correct and compliant use of non-liquid investments.

Generally added as an adjunct to our Direct Investment Onboarding solution, our Adviser Sales Training solution can help your team with the following:

  • The do’s and don’ts of adding non-liquid investments a retail client’s portfolio

  • How to educated retail investors on alternative investments in a way they will understand

  • Avoiding certain words that will guarantee you’ll lose an arbitration

  • Understanding the psychology of investing: how to leverage alternatives to get clients to take action

  • Portfolio design best practices

  • Adviser-level due diligence best practices

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