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Registered Investment Advisers &
Independent Broker/Dealers

Unfortunately, most professionally-managed investment portfolios have begun to resemble index funds. Factors such as increased globalization, the rise of auto-traders, and a shift towards passive investing have made it increasingly difficult for a financial intermediary to achieve meaningful and consistent alpha. Without a demonstrably differentiated investment approach, financial intermediaries are quickly losing their uniqueness, and their market share.

But we’re changing all that. Aliso Solutions is helping financial intermediaries adopt an endowment approach to investing while providing access to alternative, non-liquid investments that have previously been only accessible to the very large private institutions.

Endowment Style Investing

When you adopt direct investments into your practice, you may:

  • Establish a unique point of differentiation

  • Attract investors looking to invest into non-traditional asset classes

  • Meet investor drawdown requirements without taking unnecessary risks

  • Help clients grow wealth in a similar fashion to university endowments


At Aliso Solutions, we help simplify the process of utilizing direct investments for your firm. We’ll guide you through this unfamiliar territory, so you can offer direct investments as part of an integrated investment strategy for your clients. With us, your firm can evolve into a new type of adviser, offering opportunities that only a fraction of advisers have access to non-liquid investments that we believe tend to resist market ups and downs, while providing long-term, consistent returns.

Due Diligence, Compliance, and Advisor Education


Besides help prepare your firm to onboard direct investments, if requested, we can create and maintain a completely-outsourced due diligence, compliance, and adviser training solution. We can help seamlessly incorporate direct investments with your traditional investments in your overall total portfolio mix. By partnering with us, you will have more time to focus on your current clients, reach out to new ones, and work on building a business for the future.

Family Offices & Foundations

Family offices and foundations understand that one of the most importance factors in achieving long-term consistent returns is having the right asset mix. More and more family offices and foundations are adopting an endowment approach to investing by adding alternative investments to diversify their portfolios. But finding, vetting, and selecting high quality alternative investments can be cost-prohibitive.  

Expanding Your Reach

At Aliso Compliance, we can be a valued member of the investment committee team at the fraction of the cost of an in-house resource. We do the research and analysis for you, presenting you with a wide range of promising direct investments — so you can choose the opportunities that best fit your portfolio strategy.


We believe in complete transparency. While we take care of many of the difficult tasks for you, you also have access to our research and methodology. We seek to be an open book. If you need additional information to understand our recommendations, just ask.

Investment Sponsors

For investment sponsors, raising capital through hybrid and fee-only RIAs can be a daunting task; as anyone involved in capital markets will tell you – working with independent broker-dealers is NOT the same as working with RIAs.

Aliso Compliance can help streamline the process of distributing through fee-only intermediaries by creating a distribution road map that includes key components, such as:

  • Client Profile Analysis

  • Sponsor Messaging

  • RIA Due Diligence

  • RIA Marketing

  • National Accounts and Wholesaling Training

  • Transactional Support

  • Assistance with Data Issues

  • Assistance with Back Office Issues


It should be noted, we are not an outsourced national accounts or wholesaling team; we do not earn fees based on dollars invested. While we’re happy to introduce you to professional capital market teams who in the business of securing selling agreements, we believe our skills are better aligned with focusing on helping your approach, messaging, and due diligence.  

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