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Darren Whissen

Darren is the Founder and President of Atomi Financial Group, Inc. (Atomi), a Registered Investment Adviser built from the ground up based on the principles of endowment investing.

Before founding Atomi, Darren was Executive Vice President of Marketing for a dealer manager focused on non-traded offerings. He also served as firm’s Endowment Portfolio Manager where he designed and managed both liquid and illiquid investment portfolios.


Darren has also served as the Director of Due Diligence for a private equity investment bank and the Chief Investment Officer at a boutique wealth management firm.


Darren is a regular speaker at alternative investment industry conferences, in which he focuses on helping other financial intermediaries avoid the regulatory landmines inherent in alternative investments. He earned is B.A. from Saint Mary’s College of California and a M.B.A. from the University of California at Irvine. Darren holds several securities licenses, including the Series 7, 24, and 65.

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